About us

About us

Tungwa is a professional and reliable Chinese clothing wholesale shopping platform with absolute best prices, high qualities, diverse products and professional after-sales services. We’re devoted to building a convenient and professional online trading platform. No matter it is a small wholesale or FCL deal, those professional staffs in our company will devote themselves to providing you excellent services, help you to solve those problems you have met and promise you to have an enjoyable shopping experience.

Tungwa company established based in China Shenzhen. As specialists in China sourcing and trade consulting for the global market, we facilitate trading partnerships between our suppliers in China and clients across the world. We have warehouses in Israel, Hong-Kong, UK and USA and expanding.

Why choose tungwa

. A wide range of great products totally various kinds                    
. Make your trade easier                    
. Professional customer services                    
. Potential to partner with us                    
. Friendly helpful customer services                    
. Free or low cost shipping                    
. No minimum order quantity                    
. Paypal, Credit Card payment options                    
. Protective shipping with product declaration

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